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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So I Started Using Linux (again)

So, I've gone and done it... I started using linux (again). I have tried it twice before, but it never turned out too well. This time, I've put alot more time and energy into this, I actually have it working. I want to use my linux desktop for work-type stuff, I guess we'll see if that works...
I might put some of my thoughts about it on the site here, I guess we shall see. I think it would be cool to have an ultra-stable, different work environment to use. It is nice to break free from Microsoft, the monopoly gets to me every now and then...
I'm using a distro called Kubuntu (from the very popular Ubuntu line of linux distros). It's pretty sweet, and I really like the KDE interface. It kicks Window's butt as far as customizing and eye candy... if you like that kind of stuff.

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