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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Introducing - The Newbie Scale

Being a newbie myself, I have been thinking of a way to describe how easy or difficult a particular task/object is in Linux. I have come up with what I am calling "The Newbie Scale".
It is a 1-5 scale where "1 Newbie" means something is newbie unfriendly, and "5 Newbies" means something is newbie friendly. (No this is not a, "How many Newbies does it take to..." joke. ;)
In my continued quest to help Newbies in the Linux world, I believe this is next step.
Here is the scale:

1/5 Newbies = Difficult

2/5 Newbies = Moderately Difficult

3/5 Newbies = Moderate

4/5 Newbies = Moderately Easy

5/5 Newbies = Easy

See you around!

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